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Donovan Alumni


Monsignor Donovan has become my home away from home.  Everyone knows everyone, which fosters a very close-knit social community.  The teachers truly prepare us for college and life there on.”

— Evan C., Class of 2014

“I enjoy coming to Monsignor Donovan because it’s like a giant family.  The teachers and staff care so much about the students, and the students also care about one another.  It’s my second home!”

— Allison W., Class of 2013

“What I like the most about Donovan is the atmosphere. The students are kind and friendly and the teachers are happy.  I could talk to anyone in the school and feel great talking to them!”

— Paul Cray, Class of 2011

I enjoy the encouraging and positive environment created by the faculty and students at Donovan. Donovan students are ambitious, friendly and supportive of each other. We are a big family!”

— Maria Cramer, Class of 2010

“I feel that I received a very useful base knowledge that made adjusting to college much easier.... I think that was the most useful thing I got from Donovan. Taking AP classes at Donovan helped me alot too because I think that they were designed/taught like a small college course. The fast pace of the AP classes was a very good introduction into the pace that my college courses take.”

— Shea Glassman, Class of 2008

“MDCHS prepared me for college by providing me with rigorous coursework and course options. I was given specific attention and encouraged to succeed on every level. I enjoyed the small school atmosphere at MDCHS and the fact that we could connect with our teachers on a personal level. It was like having an oversized family that I could always depend on.”

— Savannah Williamson, Class of 2008

“Donovan provided me with a community and family to return to. The strong friendships that I were formed and fortified during my four years there remain important to me today.... Our class was close from the beginning, sharing the same schedule most of the day everyday. We really were more like a family than just friends. We were all comfortable with each other, and our teachers and the faculty were part of that, too. I enjoyed that sense of comfort and safety that made high school easy and fun. ”

— Annabelle Barbe, Class of 2007

“One of the biggest challenges of college is time management. There are a few weeks were you could have a test in every subject or multiple projects due. Coming out of Donovan I now feel very comfortable in stressful situations. Not only did I know how to handle them, I had been there and done that. I knew I was going to continue to do well no matter what was thrown at me.”

— Andy Cray, Class of 2008

Faculty and Staff

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